Tuesday, March 13, 2012

D for Duck

Tot Club started on Dd yesterday. It was about half an hour before EV's bedtime, and she suddenly brought her grandfather to her room, and said 'study, i want study!'. I knew she was asking for me to do Tot Club with her, which has proven to be more difficult now with the newborn. Tired me who spent most of the day feeding the newborn almost gave into the temptation to ignore her and just rest. I didn't, and I'm glad I didn't. I've been spending so much time looking after the newborn, that I know my dear EV has been missing me, and doing things with me. So last night's Tot Club session was especially good.

Motor Skills
While I rushed to get all the materials ready, I gave EV some cutting and pasting activities. She's getting better at both, especially pasting. She's finally applying the stick glue and pasting by herself.

The great thing about having attended Jann's class (you can read about it here and here), is that she provides lesson plans complete with craft materials. So I can just pull out the relevant resources and start my lesson in a flash. Just perfect for times like these.

We started off with the greeting song, and we did the 'd' feely card. The 'Ducks A Digging' phonics song came next, while I showed her the letters D and d. We then pasted six images on to an A4 sheet - duck, drum, deer, doll, dinosaur and donut. After that, I asked her to point out duck, drum and donut, which she did successfully.

Having identified the images, we traced Dd and wrote the words to the images together, and then read the words while pointing to them. Sometimes, I would cover the images while reading the words to familiarise her with them.

Craft work involved colouring and pasting feathers on the 'Ducks A Digging' phonics sheet. EV was more excited about colouring, rather than pasting feathers, so mummy worked on the feathers. She is also getting better in colouring. At the beginning, she coloured somewhat within the lines of the beaks, but after a while, she got tired and started doodling the rest of the ducks. 

We sang '5 Little Ducks That I Once Knew'. It's sung to the same tune as 'Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day'. Below are the lyrics:

5 little ducks that I once knew
Fat one, skinny one, just like you
But there's one little duck, with a feather on his back
He ruled the others with a quack quack quack.
Down by the river they would go
Wiggle, wobble, wiggle, wobble to and fro
But there's one little duck, with a feather on his back
He ruled the others with a quack quack quack

You can listen to this Youtube video for an idea of how the song goes, though my lyrics are slightly different, and shorter too!

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