Friday, March 09, 2012

Craft fun: Crocodile & monkey paper craft

We did the crocodile & monkey craft from Jann's class today. Working as a team, EV applied the glue on the crocodile, while I pasted the green crepe paper. Today, EV showed more interest in colouring, so I let her colour the monkeys. Then I sang the rhyme to her, but she was distracted by her colouring pencils and went tottering off to look for paper, so I ended this activity to let her express her creativity on some blank A4 paper. 

Cloud Blowing
We did a fun activity today. I took some cotton balls and called them 'clouds', and got EV to blow the 'clouds'. She had lots of fun blowing them off the table.

Today's activities were largely led by EV, and abacus was one of those she indicated she wanted to do. She counted 1 to 10 herself, and then I showed her how to count from 11 to 20. We also counted the beads based on the colours.

I recently bought a set of number puzzles from Babyspa (Marine Parade branch). It comes in a wooden box, and each number from 0 to 9 is a three-piece puzzle. It is designed to help recognition of the number and its shape. EV is already doing two-piece puzzles at her Shichida class, so this set should not be too difficult for her. She needed help to do the first few puzzles, but very quickly, she understood what needed to be done, and proudly proclaimed 'I do, I do'.

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