Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Number Puzzles

EV can recite her numbers 1 to 10 very well. She can also recognize them, but does sometimes gets some mixed up, like 6 and 9. To help her in her recognition, I recently purchased a set of wooden number puzzles from Babyspa (Marine Parade branch). Each of the numbers 0-9 is a three-piece puzzle, and the child has to recognize the shape in order to put the puzzles together. EV was glued to it from the first time I introduced this set to her (read about it here), so the set has already gotten a stamp of approval from her. Here's mummy's opinion of it.

The fact that the numbers are each in different colours help a child identify which pieces go together, and this will eventually help in the recognition of the numbers. Also, each number has pictures on it that correspond to the respective number, for example, the number three has three turtles. So counting can also be done to reinforce the numbers.

This set tests EV's thinking process, recognition and definition skills. It also helps in her hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness development, as she manipulates the pieces into the correct position. At first, she tries to fit everything in by trial and error, and sometimes by force, but gradually I can see that she is putting the pieces together by observing the shape of the hole and the shape of the puzzle piece. 

My ultimate rave
Nicely painted big numbers for her small hands, and cute pictures for counting practice. The pieces come in a solid box, so it's easy for storage.

My ultimate rant
If only there is a similar set for alphabets.

Overall value (4/5)
Stamp of approval from EV. Enough said. ;)

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