Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Cardboard Threading Toy

This is a learning toy that I bought through Jann while attending her class. Though it's recommended for ages 3 and up, we have already been letting EV do threading with blocks since she was a year old. So she's quite familiar with the threading concept. This threading set ups the activity level, by challenging her to match the correct pictures together, for example, a shoe to a sock, and threading the boards together. EV also needed to understand how to thread through several holes so the pictures stay in the correct positions. EV needed a little help in these areas. 

This is great in developing EV's hand-eye coordination, as well as test her observation skills as she matches one picture to another.

My ultimate rave
The cardboards are big and the threads provided are thick - great for her little hands. I also like the bright colours'

My ultimate rant
The cardboard material means that the pictures are easily bendable. EV already bended one of the pictures in half even before we started the game. However, this also explains why this toy is such a value for money.

Overall value (4/5)

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