Saturday, March 03, 2012

Craft Fun: Egg carton caterpillar

We had quite a bit of egg cartons left over from baking Chinese New Year goodies. So we did some recycled craft fun and made a egg carton caterpillar. It's extremely easy to make, and it involved an activity that EV simply loves - painting. She painted only one of the egg cartons, we both worked on two together and mummy ended up finishing up the remaining three, but that's teamwork. EV was more interested in painting on paper after a while, as I guess that was easier for her. Plus, she had a lot of fun choosing the colours and painting all the colours in one single patch on the paper, such that the result was a mushy, mish mash of dirty greenish brown paint. Well, as long as she had fun. 

Once the paint on the egg carton dried, I stuck goggly eyes and pipe cleaners as the antennas.

We also did another quick letter C craft - C for crab (inspired by Totally Tots). I drew the C and claws free hand on a piece of red paper, then got EV to paint waves on a piece of blue paper. Then we stuck everything together.

I realised after everything was done that I left out the eyes of the crab. Oh well, never mind. It's still C for crab. ;-)

Story Time
We had just the perfect book - The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It's a great book that talks about a caterpillar and its gastronomic adventure over seven days. It teaches about the seven days of the week, how the caterpillar eats too much junk food and gets a stomachache, and how it eats a green leaf to make itself feel better.

As I read it, I used the egg carton caterpillar to dramatize the story, complete with sound effects. At the end, as the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly, the butterfly that we made in our last Craft Fun session made an appearance. EV enjoyed this very different story time, as she was smiling and giggling in delight, and of course, saying 'fly fly' as well when the butterfly appeared.

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