Thursday, March 01, 2012

EV's nursery/kindergarten settled!

Oh... I just have to share the joy. We have successfully enrolled EV into our choice kindergarten GSCK for 2013 onwards. And it's for the morning session which had only four places left when I called yesterday. Dear hubby went at 330am this morning to line up, and we're glad that it has all turned out well.

Yes, we're crazy to starting queuing up in the wee hours of the morning for the public enrollment (prior to this, enrollment was only for siblings of current students). But we're not the only crazy ones. Apparently, the first person in the queue arrived at 12am, followed by a few more at 2am. Dear hubby was the sixth person there. Then other fathers also continued to arrive soon after. So yeah, we're not that crazy.

So why GSCK in particular? Well, it's near where we stay, so logistics is more convenient. But most importantly, I wanted EV to be in a kindergarten with a good outdoor playground. Hmm... shouldn't I be looking at the curriculum and what the kindergarten teaches, you say? Yes, that's important. But I also believe that a good outdoor playground with a sand pit and a tree house will bring about great memories for EV. It'll be what she'll remember when she recalls her kindergarten days in future. Why do I say so? Not only because preschool age is the age for more play, but also because of my own experience. Ask me what I remember about my kindergarten days and I'll tell you that I remember the fun I had at the playground or swimming in the mini pool. In fact, this doesn't just apply to me, but to almost everyone whom I've posed the same question.

Similarly, when EV grows up, I want her to recall blissfully the fun she had at kindergarten. She will be spending most of her growing up years learning, studying and coping with the demands of primary school, secondary school, tuition... the list goes on. Preschool is the only time when she can learn and yet play in a totally carefree way. And having a good outdoor playground will allow her to get out in the sun, make sand figurines or climb the tree house. Activities which I know she will remember for a lifetime.

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