Sunday, March 18, 2012

D for Dinosaur, Duck and Dragon

EV woke up extremely early today, and the younger boy was still asleep. So we took the opportunity to work on a range of activities that I had prepared, just for situations like these. The activities revolved mainly around 'D for dinosaur, duck and dragon'. 

Firstly, we did a letter craft for D, from Totally Tots. EV enjoyed pasting all the different parts together. She could correctly say 'D' when I asked her to identify the letter.

Next, we did another alphabet activity to help her identify D and d, while getting her to match an image's silhouette to a particular image. This is from 1+1+1=1 Tot School.

The next alphabet maze activity comes from 2TeachingMommies. Instead of tracing from A to Z, I used this as a way to test EV's knowledge of the letters randomly. She can recite from A to Z very well, and this activity helped me identify which are the letters she's not sure of or which she is confused with.

EV's understanding of the sorting concept is also being developed in this letter sorting activity from 2TeachingMommies. EV wanted to paste the letters into the respective boxes, and she had a great time doing it.

Which is different?
An activity that helps in the understanding of same and different. EV found it easy to identify the different dragon if difference is in the colour. She still needs some time to identify small differences, such as looking right/left. 

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