Tuesday, March 06, 2012

C for Cat

EV and I got down to another Tot Club session with the letter of the week - C. We started off with the greeting song, followed by a run through of the C feely card, which EV could identify extremely easily now. After listening to the 'Crocodiles Creeping' phonics song, where we pretended to be creeping crocodiles again, we pasted C images - cat, cherry, cone, car, crow and clock. I then asked EV if she wanted to trace the letter Cc and write the words of the six images with me, and she said yes. We did that as a team, and EV was very attentive throughout.

We did a toilet paper roll cat today, which I improvised myself. I first cut out paper to cover the toilet paper roll, to make the cat's body. Then using a round piece of paper and two pieces of triangular paper, we pasted the cat's face together to the body. I drew the face and the whiskers. EV was so delighted with the result, that she happily posed for pictures with it.

Handwriting skills
EV has definitely grasped the concept of writing horizontal lines very well. She immediately knew what to do when I handed her this sheet of cats from 1+1+1=1 Tot School. Her lines are still a little wavy, but much better than before.

Something new for EV to try today - the concept of opposites. Using a worksheet from TLSBooks, I explained to EV what needed to be done, and the concepts involved. Obviously, she was unsure, but I believe with time, she will get it. She already has grasped the concepts of big and small, long and short, so it's just a matter of introducing more 'opposites' to her.

We ended today's session with the rhyme 'Pussy Cat Pussy Cat', a rhyme that we often sing to her.

Story Time
Tonight, we read 'Have You Seen My Cat'. It's one of EV's favourite Eric Carle books.

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