Sunday, March 25, 2012

Craft fun: '10 Little Rubber Ducks' paper craft

Again again! That's what my little EV always says when she wants to do something another time. So over the weekend, we did another session focusing on the letter D.

I found this very cool craft based on Eric Carle's '10 Little Rubber Ducks' from A Mommy's Adventures. EV painted a white A4 paper blue to resemble the ocean in the story. Instead of tissue, I got EV to crumple small pieces of paper and pasting them to the duck template. Halfway, she decided to switch to colouring, so mummy did the rest. Here's our masterpiece.

EV loves painting, so I also got her to do two paintings - D for dinosaur and D for dog. For the dinosaur art, EV chose to use a brush. For the dog art, she started off using a brush, then decided to use her fingers instead halfway. Here's her blue dinosaur and red dog.

Handwriting skills & numbers
For handwriting & counting practice, we used printables from 2 Teaching Mommies

Big & Small
Using a sorting activity from Confessions of a Home Schooler (lots of D for Dinosaur activities here), EV picked out the biggest and smallest dinosaurs. I also showed her how to sort from small to big, and vice versa.

Story Time
We read '10 Little Rubber Ducks' again. By now, EV knows the word 'duck' very well and I go through the spelling, letter sounds and some prompting with her often. Obviously, it's too early for her to do prompting, but with regular exposure, I'm sure she will be able to do it eventually.

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