Monday, March 19, 2012

D for Dog

EV knows the greeting song really well by now, and she was clapping to it the moment I started singing it. We traced 'd' together on the feely card (she was especially attracted to the silver shimmers on the diamond-shaped foam of the card), and when we sang the 'Ducks-a-digging' phonics song, she was happily following along with the actions. 

The moment I took the Dd A4 sheet out, EV knew exactly what we were going to do. She pasted five images - dog, dolphin, dart, daisy, and door. She knew 'dog' and 'door' very well, but I was surprised that she could say 'dolphin' when I asked her what it was, though her 'phin' sounded more like 'phun', but it's almost there. She could also repeat 'daisy' and 'dart' very well after me. 

We traced Dd on the sheet and wrote the words for the images together. Then I got her to repeat the words after me again. For simple words like dog and door, I also got her to repeat the spelling after me letter by letter. I also showed her the word 'dog', went through the letter sounds and demonstrated the prompting of the words using the sounds.

We made a little dog puppet (from SimpleKidsCrafts) today. EV was responsible for pasting the dog's face together, with a little help from mummy, of course!

We sang two songs today - 'Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?' and 'How much is that doggy in the window?'. For the second song, I put the dog puppet at the window and did actions while singing. EV was so amused she asked me to do it again. After that, she ran off with the dog puppet to show her daddy and grandmother.

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