Sunday, March 04, 2012

Books: 'C' books

The letter of the week is C, and here are a few recommended books.

Written by Bonnie Lass & Philemon Sturges, illustrated by Ashley Wolff
A book based on the popular rhyming game, it follows the adventures of a skunk who discovers that his cookies have disappeared from his cookie jar. He goes around to various animals such as a little mouse, a rabbit, a squirrel to find out if they have taken his cookies, and in the process discovers about their daily habits. It is also a tale of discovery for little ones, and they read that a mouse eats cheese, a squirrel eats nuts, a rabbit hops and a turtle is much too slow. This book uses a lot of repetitive words, so it's also great for reading with little ones. I also like the colourful illustrations which show each animal in its habitat vividly, allowing me to describe the environment to EV easily.

Written by Norma Simon, pictures by Dora Leder
This is a beautifully illustrated book in black & white, and it manages to bring out the liveliness of the cat and its owners in a different light. The story begins with the author's complaints about Max, who persistently meows until someone opens the window to let him out, and similarly persists in his scratching of the glass until someone lets him into the house when he returns. Max doesn't do anything and spends the whole day doing silly things like hiding inside the laundry, chasing shadows, sitting on a chair with his belly up and thinking that the whole world revolves around him. He goes around making everyone mad. Oh that cat! But despite this, the author loves Max for his endearing and fun personality, and gets extremely worried when Max returns home late one evening. I like the way the antics of the cat are vividly illustrated; you can even see funny or shocked expressions made by Max. A good book to describe the characteristics of a cat in a story format.

By Eric Carle
A classic, this book is about a boy who is looking for his lost cat. He meets many people from around the world, such as a gentleman with a top hat, a cowboy on a horse, a red indian in a tent, and also meets many different types of cats, such as a lion, leopard, panther, persian cat and so on. The text is very simple, and is based on two main sentences, making it a good book for reading to and reading with the little ones.

By Eric Carle
Another classic. You can read more about my story time with EV here.

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