Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Recommendation: Web/Blog - Great sites for activity ideas & free worksheets

Here are two websites for activity ideas and free worksheets.

Lots of free colouring pages, crafts, worksheets, printables of all sorts and even sudoku for children of different ages. It also features themed activities for selected holidays and seasons such as Christmas. I like that it is jam packed with resources that I can quickly download and print for EV, and AA in future. The preschool section is where I frequent most, and it has numerous templates for early learners, such as handwriting sheets, and materials for learning the alphabet and numbers.

Don't underestimate this seemingly bare looking site. It has a lot of resources for home schooling, and lots of craft ideas too. What I like about this site is that it also lists the recommended ages for the various activities, so I can decide whether a particular activity is too difficult for EV to undertake. It also has loads of downloadable mini books that are good for early readers, or just for reading with the young one.

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