Friday, September 20, 2013

Review + Giveaway: Lavsuca's Pink Label Umbrella Wet Bag

After many years of guessing when it rains, I have surrendered to nature. It's always the same: when I bring an umbrella, it doesn't rain; when I don't bring, it rains. I should have known. I would never win. So now, I bring an umbrella everywhere I go, even though it may be a tad heavier.

That would make thing better wouldn't it? Not really. Now the problem comes when it rains and the umbrella gets wet and as a result, my bag, clothes and shoes get wet. And not to mention, the floor and the seats if I'm on the bus or train.

I don't always remember to bring an extra plastic bag to keep it in. How about those free bags that shopping centers distribute outside their main doors? Well, I don't always head to the mall when it rains, so I don't always have access to them.

So what can I do when it rains and I haven't a single bag to keep it in?

You know those wet bags that are used for diapers and other baby stuff? They are designed to keep the wetness in while keeping all other things in the bag dry and clean.

Well, recently I discovered a similar wet bag that is designed just for umbrellas.

This umbrella wet bag is shaped to fit most foldable umbrellas. It measures about the length of an A4 book, is narrower at the base and wider at the top to suit a variety of handles. As the image on the right shows, a drawstring keeps the umbrella in place while it is in the wet bag.

Wet bag 1
The bag is made of cotton while the inside is lined with Procare lining, which gives the bag its 'waterproof' quality. The seams are heat sealed, so there's absolutely no leaking.  Best of all, it's machine washable and reusable, so no more environmentally unfriendly plastic bags! The umbrella wet bag comes in a variety of designs, so it is easy to find one that suits one's taste and style.

Wet bag 2
Together, they fit well into any bag. It is extremely handy to have a wet bag around as when it rains, I no longer have to worry about a dripping wet umbrella, or go in search of bags to hold it. I just need to keep it into its very own wet bag, then when I reach my destination, I just need to take the umbrella and wet bag out to dry. Extremely convenient in keeping the wetness out.

Want to win for yourself an umbrella wet bag?

Lavsuca's Pink Label is sponsoring five umbrella wet bags (worth S$16.90) for five lucky readers. Winners will get to choose a design of their choice as indicated by Lavsuca's Pink Label. Just follow the steps below (Remember: You must include your name and email, so that you can be contacted should you win!). Best of luck!

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Disclaimer: Lavsuca's Pink Label sponsored five umbrella wet bags for the giveaway. The wet bag used for this review is my own. All opinions and images are my own.


  1. I like the wet bag because for its beautiful design.


  2. Like u, I don't remember to bring along a 'bag' for my umbrella. :P
    This certainly will come in handy plus it looks cute!

  3. Beautiful design!! Handy product. Love it!


  4. Hi..i would like to win this
    Teo kiali

  5. I like the wet bag because it can keep my stuff dry! (obviously!!).

    Cherie Lim
    cherieladie [at] msn [dot] com

  6. I left a comment earlier but went missing. I like the wet bag because it can keep my stuff dry!

    cherie lim
    cherieladie [at] msn [dot] com

  7. I would like to win one, as the bags look nice and it would be more environmentally friendly then using plastic bag!

  8. This is a really cool bag.. certainly great for moms on the go.

    Dominique Goh
    dominiquegoh(at) Gmail (dot) com

  9. I love the fact tt I dont hv to look for plastic bags after using the umbrella and of course the lovely designs!

    Jasmine chua

  10. this is extremely useful , and chic all at the same time! Thanks for hosting.

    Shermeen Ching

  11. I like it that it's pretty yet practical for people like me who brings their umbrella everywhere. And such a clever idea to have a wet bag for an umbrella!
    Qiu Xian

  12. It's so useful, and the best part is that it's environmentally friendly too. :)
    Adeline /

  13. I bring my umbrella out every single day! I thought to myself that I shall definitely get myself a wet bag after reading your post! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Best Regards,

  14. genius! so practical! would like to win one :)

  15. Great to have one of these useful and wonderful umbrella wet bag!! Hope to win one, so that I can share it with all my friends!! :)

  16. It's lovely. A great and eco idea to keep wet umbrella!

  17. So handy and in lovely prints! Hope to win this!


  18. So handy and in lovely prints! Hope to win this!


  19. Wanna win this wet bag for my brolly! Nice prints!



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