Thursday, September 19, 2013

Really easy online grocery shopping with RedMart

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Online shopping. I'm sure most of us have done it before, but probably mostly for items like clothes and beauty. But, why not groceries?

Like me, some of you may think that doing online grocery shopping is a hassle. Or maybe difficult, or maybe tedious. After all, nothing beats being able to see the items on shelves, comparing prices and having a feel of what you are intending to get.

Hang on a minute. Doesn't that apply to fashion and beauty too? I would want to see that dress and try it on, rather than buying it virtually. If I can buy clothes and lipsticks online, why not the groceries for my family?

Online grocery shopping may have had its glitches in the past, but not any more. As some of you may know, I recently discovered RedMart (you can read all about it here). This online grocer has taken the hassle out of online grocery shopping and made it oh so effortless. So much so that I have made a few more purchases since my first. How so? Let me give you five reasons.

Reason 1: Extensive list of groceries items in one single place
RedMart is almost like having a supermarket at your fingertips, virtually. Instead of having to walk down aisles in a supermarket searching for what you need, with RedMart, I was able to do it all in the comfort of my room and lying in bed. This virtual supermarket has everything that I need, except for perishable items. From rice, sauces and canned food, to cereals, biscuits, chocolates and even baking needs, RedMart has it all stocked up. Other categories include beverages like coffee, juice and soft drinks, baby needs like food, formula and diapers, health & beauty items like shampoo and facial wash, household items like laundry detergent and insecticides. There is even a category just for pet owners. RedMart constantly adds new items to its inventory, and these items can be found under the ‘new’ category. However, what most bargain hunters love most would be the ‘on sale’ category. Discounts here are from 4% onwards, some items even be up to 40% off!

Reason 2: User friendly website makes shopping online so much easier
In pleasant colours of red and white, RedMart’s website is extremely user friendly. It is very easy to navigate through the categories, and I like the way the sub-categories appear in a box once the mouse goes over the various categories. This fluid design means that I can easily go from category to category and yet be able to get an overview of what this online supermarket has.

Redmart 2nd post 4

Another feature that I like is the My Cart list, which automatically appears once the mouse goes over it and shows in an instant the various items in the cart before checking out. 

Redmart 2nd post 2

Next to it is the My List feature, which gives a history of past purchases made, so that I can quickly click and order my items without having to go through the whole website.

Redmart 2nd post 1

All these features come together to make the RedMart website a breeze to use.

Reason 3: Free delivery plus same day delivery
Usually, there is free delivery for orders above $75. However, until 30 September, one just needs to spend $49. Which is fantastic news! Couple that with same day delivery for orders before 10am, shopping for groceries online becomes even more convenient.

Redmart 2nd post 5

Redmart 2nd post 3

Not only that, there is also the option of choosing a desired delivery time, so that busy parents like you and me can select a time that best suits our lifestyles.

Redmart 2nd post 6

Reason 4: No need to fight with the crowd
The crowd at supermarkets can get really crazy on weekends, with the jostling of trolleys and the unbelievable long queues. With online grocery shopping thanks to RedMart, I don’t have to go through any of that. Well, except for the times I need to get fresh, perishable food items. For that, I’d go to my friendly wet market just ten minutes walk away.

Reason 5: Grocery shopping on the go! Grocery shopping has even gone mobile!
RedMart has an iPhone app that makes it easier to shop while on the go. Resembling its online version in terms of colour and overall usability, the app is as user friendly as the website. It is equally intuitive, and it was extremely easy to order using the app. I can conveniently add items to My Cart using the app, and then shop some more and complete the checkout using the laptop. Seamless convenience, literally at my fingertips!

Redmart 2nd post 7

Excuse me while I go grocery shopping, in bed.

Disclaimer: We received monetary compensation from RedMart for this review. All opinions and images are my own, based on my authentic user experience.

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