Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Heart Studio September Holiday Program

During the recent September holidays, EV attended theholiday art classes at HeART Studio again. Some of you may remember that she attended similar classes in June (read about it here) and this blog also conducted a giveaway for the September holiday classes recently. We hope the winners had fun, for EV had loads of fun at three sessions - Mermaid, Outer Space and Monsters.

It had been around three months since she last stepped into heArt Studio, so it's understandable that she was a little shy. Plus the fact that she was ill over the weekend, and was still under medication, she was rather quiet during the first lesson, during which she painted a mermaid.

As usual, Teacher Syafiq was extremely patient with her and with the other kids. In a small class of about four, Teacher Syafiq explained patiently the steps to create the mermaid painting. Firstly, he explained the various colours and how they are created. He asked the kids to pick a background colour and tasked them to paint that first. When that was done, he drew a sample of a mermaid on the white board, and guided the kids to use shapes to draw the mermaid.

Heart Studio 2

Teacher Syafiq and his assistant Teacher Joanne were on hand to guide the kids at very step of the way, such as drawing the outline of the respective shapes for the kids to colour in. EV diligently followed instructions but was very clearly not her usual energetic self. Teacher Syafiq prodded her and kept her engaged to the task at hand. Teacher Nurul also pitched in to help.

Heart Studio 1

When she searched and couldn't find me (who was at the nearby Thomson Plaza having breakfast), the teachers comforted her. It's assuring that I could leave EV to the trust of the folks at heART Studio so that I can go run errands. It really means a lot that they are truly looking out for EV from the heart, and not just saying it.

Here's EV's art piece, which I had also shared earlier here.

Heart Studio 3

The next day, we returned for more painting with the theme Outer Space. There were only 2 students for that session, and the other kid came late. So for about a third of the class, EV enjoyed a 1-to-1 session with Teachet Syafiq. Lucky girl!

Heart Studio 4

She was a totally different girl this time, and was back to her usual self, earnestly listening to Teacher Syafiq's simple instructions to create the space background and stars. The starts were created by gently hitting two paint brushes with white or yellow paint to make little specs on the black background.

Heart Studio 5

Heart Studio 6

Teacher Syafiq went through the colours again, important in helping little kids understand and remember. Little EV did remember what was done the previous day, and could name which primary colours makes which secondary colours, though she was unsure of about two of them. Then after choosing four different colours for painting the planets and space shuttle, off EV went on her painting adventure.

When I saw her completed work, I was amazed!! She really surprised me with what she can do and achieve. Like what I told her before the session started, I believe in her, and she did it!! That's my girl!!

Heart Studio 7

This was supposed to be our last encounter with heART Studios during the holidays, but EV wanted more. So we signed up for the Monsters class because she found the one on display too angry and wanted to paint a happy one.

On that day, EV kept pestering me to get out of the house at least two hours before class was supposed to start. We didn't need that long to get there, and I had to remind her over and over again that it was too early. We still ended up reaching at least 15 minutes earlier, and she kept asking where Teacher Syafiq was. Luckily, he arrived and she went straight to the class. There, she chatted and 'helped' him as he prepared for class. He was so sporting and didn't mind EV being there. And geez, she was one chatty little girl that day; even Teacher Syafiq commented on how active she was. As usual, I didn't have to worry about leaving her alone to her task. So I spent the next two hours chatting and catching up with a fellow mum blogger whose son was also attending the holiday program.

Presenting…. EV's happy monster. 

Heart Studio 8

It sure brings a smile to my face.

And so ends EV's holiday art adventure, she'll be back at heART Studio for more. She will be attending a term of art lessons with Teacher Syafiq, and wasn't she one excited girl when I told her the news. Her first lesson is in less than two hours, and she is already changed and ready to go. 

"Mummy, are you ready? I want to see Teacher Syafiq!"

Alright, I better end here, before she thinks of funny ideas to make me. 

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