Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Gifrer Liniment Oleo-Calcaire

AA has more sensitive skin, as compared to EV. On hot days, his skin would be prone to rashes, especially the bum area. I've been on a lookout for a soothing solution that will help improve his situation, and bring more comfort to him.

Then I received the Gifrer Liniment Oleo-Calcaire. I did some research because I could not figure out what the brand was, or even how to pronounce it. It was all so foreign to me, and I was also skeptical about its efficacy. Then I found out that this French product is widely popular amongst mummies here, and they even consider it a miracle product. Apparently, even nurses in French hospitals use it to clean babies' bums.

Basically, I realized that name of the product simply describes what it is. Gifrer is the brand name, while liniment means ointment. Oleo-Calcaire means olive oil and calcium. And that's all the ingredients this product contains. Yup, that's it!

Gilrer 1
Just two ingredients, and it works wonderfully! I poured a small amount, about the size of a 50-cent coin, on to a cotton pad, then cleaned AA's bum with it. It glided on smoothly and left a thin film of oil that moisturised the skin and kept irritations at bay. Because it's olive oil and not mineral oil, which only leaves a persistent oil film that only SD alcohol can remove, it is absolutely better for baby skin. I try to use it every time AA needed a diaper change, but that's sometimes not possible, especially when he gives us an extremely big 'bomb'.

AA's bum is almost free of rashes now. He still sometimes gets some on extremely hot days, but this olive oil-calcium concoction has helped us manage it. We've also saved on wipes too, since we don't need so much of it now.

Besides cleaning baby bums, I also hear that the Liniment Oleo-Calcaire can be used for sunburns, massage and even as a make-up remover. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to try it on myself; I reserved this good stuff for AA. A clean, rash-free bum means a happy toddler.

Gifrer 2

Available at White As Milk, the Gifrer Liniment Oleo-Calcaire is available in two sizes: the 250ml bottle or the 'small dose' box set containing 20 doses of 10ml each. We say the 10ml x20 version is extremely convenient, and easy to bring around.

Only for Toddly Mummy readers, White As Milk is offering a 10% discount on all Gifrer products till October 31. Just key in the discount code 'TODDLYMUMMY'. Remember to click on the White As Milk logo on the right hand column to be linked directly to White As Milk.

Note: We received Gifrer Liniment Oleo-Calcaire packs for review purposes. No compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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