Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween craft fun with CBeebies

What's Halloween without some Halloween craft, Mister Maker style!!

Recently, we were invited by CBeebies to a craft session held at Cups N Canvas on a cool Saturday morning. Because she's such a big fan, EV could name almost every character on the banner that was just outside this quaint little cafe. That was a good start.

After mingling with the CBeebies folks and some fellow mummy bloggers, such as Susan of A Juggling Mum and Delphine of In the Wee Hours, we went straight into the craft session. We made two cute yet spooky Halloween crafts - Hairy Spider that's inspired by Mister Maker and an unusually rectangular pumpkin.

CBeebies 1

CBeebies 2
Both needed the nimble fingers of adults to complete, especially when inserting the pipe cleaners through the spider's body, though EV gave it a try. EV enjoyed herself, especially when twirling the wool to make the spider's body and pasting eyes and mouth to the spider and rectangle pumpkin.

CBeebies 3

CBeebies 4
She was really impressed by the snacks. And while mummy was busy putting the final touches to the crafts, she finished the ice milo faster than I could glue the pumpkin's stalk.

CBeebies 5
We hanged out at Cups N Canvas, as it was raining heavily, and shared the Eggs Ben-Addict for an early lunch. I like how the honey ham fitted on the bagel perfectly. I found the Hollandaise sauce a tad bland, but I think EV loved it, because she got to eat lots of honey ham!  The Cloudy Apple Juice was a perfect match though. Can't wait to return and try the Mango Orange Juice and Iced Peach Lychee Tea. Oohh… and they have Babyccino too! I think I'll get that for AA the next time we visit.

CBeebies 7
Sometimes, she would entertain herself by holding the CBeebies information sheets and 'presenting' them to an imaginary friend. It's really fun to see her do this. Besides stretching her imagination, I think she also gets to practise her language skills too.

And here's Susan's girl, Sophie and EV posing proudly with their Halloween crafts. What fun!

CBeebies 6
So how to make the two crafts? Here are the instructions.

Hairy Spider
You will need:
- Wool
- Paper
- Pipe-Cleaners
- Orange and black felt
- Cardboard
- Scissors

1. Take a rectangle shaped piece of cardboard and carefully cut two slits into either end.
2. Cut a long piece of wool and feed it in to the slits.
3. Wrap the rest of the ball of wool around the cardboard, tie up the ends of the wool and trim any excess.
4. Take the long pieces of wool out of the slits and tie them tightly around ball of wool.
5. Slide the wool off the cardboard. Turn it upside down and tie the pieces of wool again. Snip off the extra bits
6. Very carefully, snip the loops around the edges making sure you don’t snip the middle as your spider will fall apart.
7. Tie on a long piece of wool (so you can hang it), then scrunch your pipe cleaners up before pushing them through the ball of wool. Then bend them on either side to make the legs!
8. Cut eyes and teeth out of black and orange felt.
.9 Glue them onto the spider’s body and here it is, your own hilarious hairy spider!

Rectangular Pumpkin
You will need:
- Recycled drink packet, emptied and cleaned
- Orange felt, large
- Green and black felt
- Glue
- Scissors

1. Wrap the large orange felt around the recycled drink packet, like wrapping a present.
2. Cut a rectangular piece of green felt, approximately 5cm long and 2cm wide. Roll the felt and glue the end. This is the 'stalk' of the pumpkin
3. With the remaining green felt, cut out leaves of different sizes.
4. Cut eyes and teeth out of the black felt.
5. Glue them to the pumpkin's body, and there you have it, a cheeky rectangular pumpkin!

Disclaimer: We were invited by CBeebies Club to attend the Halloween Craft Party. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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