Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Costume making at Liang Court's FaBOOlous Halloween event

Over the weekend, we were invited to Liang Court to attend a costume making workshop. This is part of their FaBOOlous Halloween mall event. Don't you think this arch leading into the workshop area is so nicely done up? 

Liang Court 1
EV didn't get her nap, so she was really tired and moody when we arrived. She flatly refused to choose a costume to work on (she could choose between a chief, vampire and cookie). Then she refused to do the costume, and surprise surprise, this mummy had to do the handiwork for her. It was really quite simple, as most of the materials had already been prepared. All there was to be done was paint the axe.

While mummy was busy doing this, EV made friends with the Vampire Onigiri, and watched other children play games.

Liang Court 2
I really like the Halloween decorations here, especially this pumpkin with the pointed hat. EV liked it too, and checked it out while having a fish ball snack.

Liang Court 3
What really got her ticked that afternoon was the Japanese street gag performance by Kaja, who comes from Yokohama. 

Liang Court 4

Liang Court 5
Her renewed energy didn't last long though, and she knocked out on the way back to grandma's place. I bet she was dreaming about the funny, entertaining guy who juggled and did magic tricks.

I was hoping that after she woke up, she would be in a better mood to try on the chief costume. She had other plans - imitate her grandfather and play pretend golf. Then I thought, perhaps I could get AA to wear it, so at least, I could get a photo of one of them in the costume. AA followed his sister's lead and refused to do so too. Sigh.. sometimes, I do wish they were not so united. 

Well, there are still a few days till Halloween. I will keep trying. Let's see how that works out.

FaBOOLOUS Halloween @ Liang Court
The Halloween celebrations event continues until 31 October. The highlight is the Kids FaBoolous Costume Contest, featuring children aged between 1 and 7 years old, happening this Sunday, 27 October from 3pm to 5pm.

There are also fun fringe activities happening this weekend, such as a Halloween instant photo booth at the side atrium just next to Starbucks on both Saturday and Sunday (1pm-5pm). There is also an instant tattoo booth featuring Halloween characters on Sunday (1pm-3pm).

Other events include two flea markets. The 'Quirky Flea Market' features temporary stick-on tattoos and cute handmade accessories. It ends on 24 October.

From 25 to 31 October, the 'Family-A-Fair' will feature robot demonstrations and other interactive activities. 

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the costume making workshop at Liang Court. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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