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Review: heART Studio Little Dali art programme for 3 to 4 years old (Part 1)

As you might have read here and here, EV has been taking part in heART Studio's holiday programmes. And you know how she loves her Teacher Syafiq and how her mummy has a good impression of not only the teacher, but the studio itself.

But how about the actual term lessons at heART Studio? EV recently signed up for one term of the three to four year old Little Dali classes. I will be documenting what was taught, as well as her progress and development during this period. It would be great if you can join us in this journey.

EV's art adventure at heART started in the end of September and at first she seemed a little hesitant. After all, about two weeks since she was last at the studio, since she last met Teachet Syafiq. She was checking the whole new experience and wondering what she is there for. Of course, she's assessing her new classmates too. Are they fun to be with? Of course they are, and by the end of the lesson, she was playing catching with them along the studio's spacious corridor.

The first theme for the term is shapes, and I was glad to see what transpired. An art class at heART Studio is not all about art; EV even got an opportunity to practice her writing when she wrote the word 'shapes', with guidance from Teacher Syafiq, who drew dots for her to trace.

Heart Studio Wk 1 1
Teacher Syafiq introduced the various shapes, such as square, triangle, circle, heart, star, oval and many others. He demonstrated how to draw them and got the kids to draw them themselves. They also drew a shape within a shape. I was glad to see EV acting on the instructions very quickly and draw independently. 

Heart Studio Wk 1 2

Heart Studio Wk 1 4
Despite the kids being somewhat distracted at times, asking him endless questions, Teacher Syafiq was extremely patient, guiding and helping each child along the way. 

After drawing the shapes, the kids were taught warm and cool colours. What I liked about it is the use of examples to help the kids connect to what they are familiar with in the real world. For example, when talking about the colour orange, a photo of oranges was shown. Usually at home, I would just ask EV to choose a particular colour. I didn't think about showing her the difference between the colours in this way, and I'm glad that coming to heART Studio has given me another idea to reinforce her knowledge of colours.

Heart Studio Wk 1 3

The first lesson focused on establishing the basic knowledge of shapes and colours. The second and third lesson was devoted to actually creating an artwork based on what was learnt in the first lesson - a combination of shapes and colours. As you can see here, Teacher Syafiq is pointing out how shapes like circles, triangles and semicircles work together to create an abstract landscape picture of the land, mountains and sky. 

Heart Studio Wk 2 2
Using oil pastels and cool colours of blue, purple and green, EV created the land and mountains of the art work. The sky was to be completed in the next lesson.

Heart Studio Wk 2 3
Another thing I like about heART Studio is how pictures and drawings relevant to the theme or task of the lesson are put up on the wall. 

Heart Studio Wk 2 1
See how EV is skipping with glee here? It was Children's Day week, and as a treat, each kid was given a bottle of soap bubbles and a pencil. EV kept holding on to her bubble bottle all the way home.

The following week, EV was all eager to start the art lesson, and complete her art work. This is enough evidence to tell me that the Little Dali programme is extremely suited to her. Her good rapport with Teacher Syafiq also means that she is ever ready to listen and learn, an important aspect in a teacher-student relationship. As she often tells me: 'I like Teacher Syafiq'. See her broad smiles here?

Heart Studio Wk 3 3

Heart Studio Wk 3 1
This is EV's final work. Amazing!!! I really don't think I will be able to help her create something like this at home on my own. If you don't already know, I'm a klutz at art, and only rediscovered a tiny sliver of my creativity after EV was born. To teach EV and guide her to create something like this? Nah… only the experts at heART Studio are able to do it.

Heart Studio Wk 3 2
See the picture on the right? I just absolutely love to see her in action like this, so full of concentration.

Heart Studio Wk 3 4
Oh, and there's another fun thing that EV has come to like at heART Studio, and it's the punch-in-punch-out machine. It's unusual, but yet so much fun. It gives kids like EV a sense of independence and accomplishment.

Want to find out more about the rest of EV's art adventure at heART Studio? Stay tuned for the remainder of our four part series on the Little Dali programme.

Disclaimer: We received sponsorship of a term of art lessons under the Little Dali programme by heART Studio. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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