Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Box Thursday: I'm A Big Sister

I wish I found this book before AA was born. It would have been so apt to read it to EV then, to prepare her for her new role as a big sister. But as I discovered, I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole is relevant and still makes for good reading even now.

Big Sister 1
As the title goes, this is a simple story about a little girl who gets a new baby sibling. After introducing herself, she soon becomes mummy's little helper, and helps to look after the baby.

What I like about this is that no gender is given to the baby. This means that this book is relevant to be read to any big sister who is getting a new sibling.

What is also heartwarming is the way the story ends. In just a few lines, the story brings the focus back to the big sister, and emphasizes that there is only one 'her' and that she is unique in her own way.

'Mommy loves me. Daddy loves me.
I am special to them.
I'm the only me in the whole world!'

When reading this to EV, I could see the 'light' in her eyes, as she realised that the tale was also referring to her. That though there is AA now, there is only one EV, and that DaddySay and MummySay both love only one EV. Every time when we reach this part, we always give each other a hug and kiss, and for some time after, we would snuggle and cuddle. I really love these moments.

The best moment of the book though is the last page.

Big Sister 2

Isn't this just so awesome?

The heartwarming tale is matched by the colourful pastel illustrations by Rosalinda Kightley. There is a touch of whimsical gentleness and playfulness to the pictures that makes it even more appealing to big sisters like EV. I also like the way details like the table and the hanging laundry add depth and realism to the story.

Lots of hugs and cuddles when we read this story. I also showed EV pictures of herself when she was young, just like what happened in the story. Of course, lots of sibling bonding time with her little brother too. It's just so touching to see the two of them look out for each other, when they are not fighting over toys, or being cheeky with mummy, that is.

Big Sister 3

In our next Book Box Thursday, we'll be sharing a tale about a tiny dentist. Till then, Happy reading! 

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