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Review: Art with heART Studio Little Dali art programme for 3 to 4 years old (Part 2)

EV's art adventure at heART Studio seems to get better and better. I like to observe her quietly while taking photos for this series. Sometimes, I look in from the window. What impresses me is her confidence in executing the tasks given to her. Sure, sometimes she may pretend a little to get Teacher Syafiq's attention, but the comfort and dexterity at which she draws her shapes and colours them impresses me. That's why I think the decision to send her to heART Studio was a right one; even if I am able to teach her, our relationship means that many times, EV will try to worm her way out and say 'I don't know how'. Here at the studio, she doesn't even want to.

Heart Studio Wk 4 1

The next theme is reflections (Read about the first theme on Shapes here). So simple, yet concept that is often overlooked. Teacher Syafiq had some cute illustrations up on the whiteboard, and he even made himself a topic when explaining about the concept, asking of there was one oe two of him. The kids answered two, and with Teacher Syafiq's stunned expression, they giggled. He explained that there is only one of him and that the other is a reflection. Just so the kids can experience it themselves, he had a mirror on hand to let them look at their own reflection. Again, there were beautiful scenic examples of trees and a frog and their reflections on water.

Heart Studio Wk 4 2

As the basics were being established in this lesson, the kids worked on a A5 sheet of paper. They had to draw a horizontal line across, representing the water line, and then three semicircles above it. Each semicircle was coloured with different tones of the same colour, for example red and pink.

Heart Studio Wk 4 3

Then the paper was flipped, and with clear step-by-step instructions, the kids used water colours to paint the semicircles' reflection and water. Dashes of white paint was added to resemble the flickering reflection that is produced when light shines on water.

Heart Studio Wk 4 4

Isn't this good practice for the first lesson on reflections. I can't wait to see what art work EV would be working on.

The following week came quickly, just as we hoped. We usually get to the Studio early, because eager EV never waits to get out of the house. Good too, because it gives her time to settle down and settle in before class.

Heart Studio Wk 5 1

As a start, Teacher Syafiq did a quick recap of the previous lesson and asked the kids what they remembered. This is important as the kids need to reflect on past experiences to help them learn.

The artwork of the day was to draw a scenery consisting of hills and mountains and of course a lake for the reflection, much like the sample pictures that is shown on the wall. A mixture of water colours and oil pastels was used, for the background and to create the texture of the mountains and hills. The kids also got to choose whether they wanted their art works to be a day or night scene. EV chosen day. I think this is really important as it gave her true ownership of the art.

To create the little flowers on the grass, a chopstick was used to lightly dab yellow paint. It looked fun, and I think the kids agreed, as they started to dab on the respective art works in Ernest while giggling with glee, which then led to a game of catching as they went to the pantry to wash their hands.

Heart Studio Wk 5 2

Have I said that parents are very involved at this Studio? After every class, the teacher will explain what was taught for that day so that parents can do similar art works as practise at home. Super nice, in my opinion. I could also see the EV's art progress for myself.

So the following week, the focus was on finishing the art work by painting in the reflection, adding the little white streaks to resemble the water's reflection and dabbing in little red flowers. EV was making so much noise, my goodness, I almost thought she became the teacher leading the class into mischief.

Heart Studio Wk 6 1

Mischief was indeed what she got into, as she ran with her friends round the Studio, laughing and talking very loudly. It was all in the name of fun. Clearly, she enjoyed the company, and working on her brilliant art work. I'm so proud of her.

Stayed tuned as we bring you more of this Art with heART Studio series in the coming weeks. Till then, have an artful weekend!

Disclaimer: We received sponsorship of a term of art lessons under the Little Dali programme by heART Studio. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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