Thursday, November 14, 2013

Japanese Tamagoyaki

I love cooking food that my two kids love. For EV, it’s dishes that contain ham, mushrooms or cheese. For AA, he has developed a love for eggs, in different styles. As I discovered, he adores eggs done in the Japanese style the most – tamagoyaki, chawamushi as well as the fried eggs found in Oyako Don.

So the skills I learnt from Chef Takashi Nakaya at a Japanese cooking workshop comes in handy (Read about it here). I can now make him Japanese Tamagoyaki any time of the day. Though, the allure of eating tamagoyaki in a Japanese restaurant, taken off a moving belt, still appeals lots to him.

Here’s what you need to make a perfect Tamagoyaki. Usually, it is made using a special rectangular omelette pan, but a regular round frying pan can be used instead. The trick is in the rolling of the egg. 

Japanese Tamagoyaki (omelette)
3 eggs
2/3 tbsp soy sauce
2/3 tbsp sugar
2/3 tbsp mirin

1. Beat eggs, add sugar, mirin and soy sauce. Mix well.
2. Add the ham and cheese and stir the mixture lightly.
3. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan on medium heat. Drain extra oil into a small bowl for later use.
4. Pour a tablespoon of the egg mixture, or enough to make a thin layer, in the pan. Cook until half done then gently roll the egg from one side of the pan to the other, folding the egg as you progress.
5. To help in the rolling, use a ladle and spoon together.

Tamagoyaki 1
6. Add more oil if necessary and spread over the pan. Pour another scoop of the egg mixture in the pan, tilting it so that the mixture flows under the rolled egg. Cook until half done and roll this egg layer over the previously rolled layer, moving in the opposite direction so that the omelette becomes thicker.

Tamagoyaki 2
7. Continue frying and rolling the layers, until all the egg mixture is used.
8. Cook the omelette on all sides until slightly browned. Serve.

Tamagoyaki 3
Here's the final dish - Japanese Tamagoyaki.

Tamagoyaki 4

Then I thought: why not add a twist to the Tamagoyaki by adding any ingredients to my family's liking.  Just for EV and AA, I added a little twist of my own, by adding some ham and cheese. 

And there you have it! A perfectly rolled Tamagoyaki, with ham and cheese. Enjoy!

Tamagoyaki 3

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