Friday, September 27, 2013

Sea, land and air: a day at the Army Museum

Army cover
This was an invite that took us by surprise. The Army Museum? A kids workshop? What sort of workshop could possibly take place at an army museum? My curiosity was enough for me to suggest to the hubby to make the trip to the museum, which is in the extreme west of Singapore, a family trip. Also, the fact that EV has a thing for uniforms (yes, already at this tender age), it was almost certain we would make the trip to the Wild West, where the birds don't lay eggs, according to the hubby (but as I can attest to, the birds do lay eggs there).

So early one Saturday morning, our family of four, plus our wonderful helper, squeezed into our tiny 'car car', as our family car is so affectionately called, and made the long road trip. The kids had their music to entertain them as usual, and they did not make a single fuss. Perhaps they knew we were in for a long ride, so they decided not to give the adults further headache.

The Army Museum was easy to find, as it is located near the Singapore Discovery Centre and SAFTI Military Institute. Car parking is free, and we were met at the car park entrance by our hosts. The actual museum is about a five minute walk from the car park, and along the way, we walked by a man-made lake, which added to the picturesque atmosphere of the surroundings. The cool wind was blowing lightly, and all of us were excited to see what was in store at the Army Museum.

When I saw the Museum, I was instantly worried. It is made mainly of glass, and I was worried that it would be hot inside. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the air con was strong when we entered, and I became concerned that it would become too cold. My worries were groundless, as after a while, the warmth from the outside cooled the air inside, and the temperature became just right.

In the centre of the Museum on the first floor is a lobby where the event was being held. There were already other parent bloggers around when we arrived, so we mingled while waiting for the event to start. While waiting, EV and AA checked out the navy uniforms on display...

Army 1
And gravitated to Mr Pilot who was showing a video of a fighter plane taking off, on his iPad. I think it was the iPad that got their attention.

Army 2

EV was also attracted by the craft work of the Singapore island, at the other end of the lobby, and kept running there to play with it.

Army 3

The event kicked off soon after, and the group of daddy and mummy bloggers were broken up into three groups to visit three different stations representing the various military sections looking after the sea, land and air.

Army 4

Our group headed to the Navy station first. This very nice, pretty lady explained to us the basic purpose of the Navy, and got the kids to engage in a role play of pirates and navy. The kids all represented the Navy, while one of Miss Navy's colleagues pretended to be the pirate. EV was a little young to understand what was happening, but she had fun with the toy gun. Then it was craft work time. Using paper, ice cream sticks and foil, some of which were pre-assembled, the kids made a submarine. This was when EV was most engaged, other than ringing the bell that was hanging nearby.

Army 5

Some uniformed soldiers walked by at this point, and EV just went 'Soldiers! I like soldiers!'.

Army 6

Our second stop was the Air Force station. Here, Mr Pilot made a paper plane with the kids, and also gave the kids opportunities to wear the helmet and uniform. EV had a ball with the paper plane. While she was hesitant to try on the helmet at first, she warmed up and gave it a go eventually.

Army 7

Army 8

Over at another sunny corner was the Land station. We were there early, so we were given a 'tank' folding craft to work on. Rather, it was mummy who put together the tank, as it was a bit too difficult for EV. She helped me take out the individual paper pieces to make the tank.

Army 9

Army 10

Mr Soldier explained briefly the purpose of the unit, and also showed everyone the items that can be found in a soldier's pack. He also showed the type of food found in the pack. EV was not too keen to try on the soldier uniform, even though she is so fond of soldiers. Instead, she had fun with the paper tank and some toy soldiers that Mr Soldier gave out.

Army 11

Then it was father-daughter time as EV and DaddySay worked together to make a 'Protecting Singapore' model using a blue corrugated board, a green paper cutout representing Singapore, and the submarine, plane and tank crafts. It is extra meaningful as DaddySay is on active service and when he nests heads for his reservist, EV will be able to better understand what he is doing, and miss him more. Which means more troubles for me as I need to settle her cries of 'I want daddy!'. But no matter. Anything for my dear hubby and baby.

Army 12

The craft work took longer than expected and we didn't get to visit the actual museum. Just next to the lobby is a theatre and apparently it shows a 4D movie that is supposed to be quite good. DaddySay has seen it and he recommends it. So we should be heading down soon to watch it, and go on a tour.

Amy Museum of Singapore
520 Upper Jurong Road
Singapore 638367

The Army Museum is located at the SAFTI Military Institute, near the Singapore Discovery Centre.

If you are driving, take Exit 40 from PIE or Exit 20 from AYE. Parking is free at the Singapore Discovery Centre car park.

If you are taking public transport, take SBS Bus No 192 or 193 from Boon Lay MRT Station, or alight at Joo Koon MRT Station and walk for about give minutes.

Opening times & Admission
10am to 6pm except on Mondays. The museum is open on all Public Holidays including Mondays.

Admission to the Amy Museum of Singapore is free for all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Adult - $5 per person
Child - $3 per person (between 6 to 12 years old)
Senior Citizen - $3 per person (above 60 years old)
Family Combo - $12 (2 adults & 2 children, $1 for each additional child)

For more information, visit the Army Museum of Singapore webpage.
If you are interested in the workshop that we attended, do contact Stephanie Chia, Senior Manager (NS Policy) at stephanie_chia[at]mindef[dot]gov[dot]sg.


  1. That looks fun! I have heard of Army Museum but never knew it's so kids friendly, or are the kids activities only for the blogging event?

    1. Yup.. it was indeed fun. If you are interested in the workshop, you can contact Stephanie Chia, Senior Manager (NS Policy), Hope this helps!


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