Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: Puzzle, ice and rice sensory play

Sensory bins are a hit at the Say family play room. Today, I'm sharing one that teases the brain, awakes the senses and amazes the eye. And it was done while little AA was deep in the land of dreams.

Puzzle  ice rice play 1
All you need is:
Rice (I used about one and a half cups)
Letter or number wooden puzzles
Food colouring

Using a medium sized tub, I put in the rice and wooden puzzles in. EV got busy moving the puzzles through the rice and matching them.

Puzzle  ice rice play 2
When I put in the ice, EV was amazed with how the rice grains stuck to it. She was even more amazed at how the rice seemed to 'swim' in the water, as the ice melted, and became gradually wetter. She loved the feeling of the freezing ice in her hands, and the way it melted, and had so much fun just moving the ice through the rice.

Puzzle  ice rice play 3
Usually, I would be the one to mix the food colouring into the rice. However today, I let EV do the mixing. If playing with ice and rice got her excited, mixing in the blue got her ecstatic! She just couldn't stop mixing the rice around. As she did so, I pointed out how the rice slowly turned into various shades of blue.

Puzzle  ice rice play 4
A simple 3-in-1 sensory play activity that engages the visual, tactile and cognitive senses. It's fun, as you can see from EV's smile here.

Are you playing any sensory activities?


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  1. Hi may I know what brand of coloring u use? Did it stain ur girls hands? The last time I tried, her hands were stained bad for days!

    1. Hi. Thank you for reading. I used Bake King, which I got from the supermarket. There was no stain, and it was quite easy to wash off. Hope this helps!


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