Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: DIY Teacher's Day gift

It's that special time of the year when we show our appreciation to those who teach us. Last year, I bought gifts for EV's teachers, as I was so busy, I didn't have time to think of anything, or even make anything.

This year, I decided to start thinking of ideas early. Besides EV and AA's teachers from their kindy and playgroup, I also included my own mentors, who have patiently guided me through my educator training. So in total, I had to make eight special gifts. Yup,  8.  

So here are my thoughts: I wanted something hand crafted, as that's more meaningful. I also wanted something personalized, yet simple to do, so that EV can also help me. So I decided on this very easy-to-do DIY gift.

Teachers Day Gift 1
Here's what you need:
- wooden clothes pegs
- washi tape, or any colourful adhesive tapes
- small bottles (I bought these from Daiso)
- ribbons to decorate
- felt (different colours) for personalising
- craft glue

Teachers Day Gift 2
Measure the right length of ribbon and glue it to the lid. Leave to dry.

Tape the washi tape to the wooden clothes pegs. I only taped the top of the pegs, so that they can be used as 'paper' clips. This takes a longer time, as the pegs need to be worked on individually. Here's EV helping me out. Don't you just love her intense look? 

Teachers Day Gift 3
Once the glue on the ribbons are dry, it's time to personalize the gifts! I used different coloured felt, cut out the initials of the teachers' first names, and glued them to the tops of the lids. 

Once the pegs are done, EV helped me put the pegs into the bottles. For this size of bottles, we put in about 18 pegs each. Then on comes the personalised lids and we're done!

EV and I sure hope our teachers and mentors love the gifts!

What are you making for Teacher's Day? 


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