Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: 'at' CVC Spinaround Game

A few weeks ago, I shared a literacy matching game that could be used for revising of alphabets and numbers, as well as for visual recognition of CVC words, in particular, words ending with 'at'.

Today, I am sharing another game that narrows the focus, concentrating on practising and revising CVC words. In our case, we used it for eight 'at' words.

We call it the 'at' Spinaround Game.

AT Spinaround game cover
Here is what you need.
2 pieces of round cardboard (we cut ours out of a recycled cereal box), one slightly bigger than the other
Paper fastener

Firstly, I got EV to paint both round pieces of cardboard in her favourite colours. She chose blue and yellow.

After the paint dried, I poked holes in the middle of both cardboard pieces and loosely secured them together with the paper fastener.

I cut a small piece of cardboard from the smaller cardboard to create the 'viewer' so the letters written on the bigger piece of cardboard can be seen.

Then I wrote 'at' on the smaller cardboard, just to the right of the 'viewer'. I also wrote eight different letters on the bigger cardboard, at equal intervals. As both circles are turned around and the letters matched, eight CVC words can be created - sat, pat, cat, hat, rat, mat, fat and bat. These letters come from the first three letter groups of Jolly Phonics, a system that we use and has proven to be very effective in developing the literacy of EV and AA. Read more about EV's experience with JP here.

This Spinaround Game can be adapted for other CVC words as well. So simple, so fun, multiple possibilities, cost efficient - perfect!

What fun word games are you playing this week?


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