Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EV's emotional surprise

The problem with parenting is that sometimes, one tends to forget that kids actually feel emotions, even though they don't know how to express it. They understand what it is to feel happy, sad, angry and so on. But because one doesn't see them expressing it (or may assume they don't know how to express it), whether through facial expressions or verbally, one tends to forget that kids have feelings too.

That is, until the kid surprises us by actually verbalising their feelings.

That's what happened to EV. The other day, my father in law brought her downstairs, telling her that he was going to bring her to the swing. Once downstairs, he didn't bring her as promised, saying that it was too hot, and they ended up walking around the estate. My girl came back, walked into the home with a downcast look and said 'not happy'. That was the first time she voiced her feelings, and it took her everyone by surprise. What they thought was a little 'trick' to get her to go downstairs, was actually taken seriously by EV. 

This also supported my view against giving empty promises. Whenever I promise EV anything, I make sure I deliver, to the best of my abilities. Otherwise, I don't even mention it. Because I want her to grow up understanding that one cannot give empty promises; one must mean what they say. Because giving empty promises will only end in disappointment, as this incident clearly shows. Still, this incident has opened my eyes even more to EV's capability to feel emotions - do not underestimate a two-year-old.

I think from this incident, our whole family have become more aware of EV's emotions, especially now with her new brother. I'm glad it happened, as we have all learnt something from it.

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