Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reflections of maternity leave

I've been on maternity leave for a little over 2 weeks, having taken it earlier because I was mentally prepared that this little new bundle of joy may arrive early, like EV. But till now, my little bundle is still happily cosy in the tummy, and shows no sign of wanting to arrive. I hate to admit, this waiting game is getting tiring, because the tummy is getting heavier with each day, and it's more tiring now to move around with the bulge. Mixed feelings, I must say. While I look forward to the day he comes, I'm a little apprehensive as it means then we'll have to juggle two young children. He will no longer be a part of me, going everywhere I go. He will be an individual, a little baby with his own needs and wants. 

Still, I'm grateful that he has not arrived. I do like the feeling of him moving in me. It's kind of cliche, but I do feel alive everytime he moves. He's also being very thoughtful and caring towards his big sister, giving me time to work on lesson plans and materials for home teaching her. Something I would not have had time to do, if he had arrived, or if I was still working. 

Having said that, I still look forward to the day I can hold him close in my arms. In the meantime, the waiting game continues.....

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