Tuesday, February 28, 2012

C for Cake

During the past week, when I was faced with the seemingly neverending tasks of feeding and changing my new born son, which by the way is something I enjoy doing for my precious, I had the feeling that EV was somewhat feeling neglected. She has been a loving older sister, always running to her little brother's aid whenever he cries, or patting him and asking him not to cry. She enjoys being involved in the caring of AA. But I can tell that she does feel a little left out at times, or even bored. Just the other day, I asked her whether she missed pasting & painting with mummy, and she nodded yes. Oh... really felt a tug at my heart when I saw that.

I knew having AA would be more demanding and take me away from EV, but I decided and was determined to start Tot Club as soon as possible after AA's arrival. So today, we did C for Cake. 

I changed the order a little today. After the greeting song, I went straight to the 'Crocodiles Creeping' phonics song. EV loves music, so almost immediately, she followed me as I did the actions to the song. We then did the feely card, before proceeding to introduce the theme and paste the images for cake, corn, carrot, chicken, cup and caterpillar on the Cc A4 sheet. She was quite enthusiastic about tracing the upper & lower case 'C', and asked me to help her do it. We wrote the words for all the images together, and we also went through the spelling and letter sounds for the word 'cake'. 

We did a cake craft from Jann's class. EV was a little perplexed and you could see she was wondering what the styrofoam was, but she repeated 'cake' after me. I asked if she wanted to colour the cake, and got a yes from her. She picked the colours for this craft, while I pasted the cotton wool, and helped her with some of the colouring. When she saw me put the candles in, her face immediately light up, as though she finally understood what this craft was about. We sang 'Happy Birthday To You' together, and she even 'blew' out the candles. I think that was her favourite part.

Pretend Play
We stretched our imaginations today, and did a little pretend play. We were both hungry creeping crocodiles looking for food, and then crunching on chickens, corn and carrots.

We sang 'Pat A Cake' for our closing nursery rhyme. Just in time, as AA started crying for his afternoon feed. EV pointed to her brother and said 'Didi, cry, hungry'. My clever girl!

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