Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alphabet activities, math, writing, motor skills

Today in Tot Club, EV and I worked on other activities such as counting and handwriting practice. We did do one alphabet activity - ant letter match of 'A' and 'a', and is both a uppercase/lowercase letter matching game and a colour puzzle. 

I got EV to do some handwriting practice next, starting with the Ant Beginning Writing sheet for horizontal lines. I explained to her that the ant is hungry, and needed help to crawl over to the basket of food on the right. She understood what I was saying, and after showing her once, she proceeded to attempt drawing horizontal lines herself. After she finished the sheet, she continued to do the lines on blank A4 paper.

We counted apple seeds next, and she correctly put the numbers in the boxes next to the apples, without me having to tell her what to do. Guess it's because the activity is somewhat similar to some of those she does in her Shichida class, and she's familiar with the format.

Whenever I prepare her Tot Club materials and use a scissors, EV's been asking to help me. So I bought some Kumon Let's Cut Paper books and a safety scissors, and I taught her how to cut paper. This single activity had her engrossed for more than 30 minutes! 

We also did pasting, colouring and folding activities with her other Kumon books. Her favourite is pasting, and she loves using the glue, always saying 'I do, I do'. I always have to be watchful to ensure that bits of the stick glue doesn't end on her finger and eventually in her mouth!

All of the materials used today can be found at Confessions of a Homeschooler and 2TeachingMommies.

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