Monday, February 20, 2012

Mummy's fun phonics adventure

As I had shared here, I have been attending a phonics course conducted by Jann, a SAHM. Last Saturday was the last lesson. I was glad to be able to attend all six lessons at one stretch, as I was mentally prepared that I may have to disrupt it if my new baby decided to come out early. But as baby is still extremely cosy, I managed to finish the whole course without needing any make-up classes. 

While I wished there was more time to go through the individual letter sounds as well as to practice prompting, I think the phonics CD that was provided as part of the course is a good source material for the letter sounds. Other than that, for prompting, I guess it's practice, practice and more practice. It could be good fun too, as I see it as a path of discovery that one can take with one's child. Mummy and child learning together, that's nice.

I really enjoyed Jann's sharing during the lessons, and found all of them extremely inspiring. She shared many tips and ideas from her own experience of bringing up her two children who are of kindergarten and primary ages. Not just for teaching phonics, but for other areas such as reading, writing, maths and Chinese. She even gave some insight into what to expect for primary school. And it is these practical tips that are useful for parents. I like that Jann is very approachable, and I admire her willingness to share. I've always believed that learning should be full of fun and play, and Jann has reaffirmed this belief.

Sounds good? You bet! You can email Jann for more details: jannalin_mrc[at]hotmail[dot]com. For anyone who is still contemplating whether to sign up for Jann's course, I say - go for it! If you are looking for ways to support your young one's preschool learning with some home teaching, but have no idea where or how to start, then this course is a good starting point. 


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