Friday, February 03, 2012

EV enjoys her new playgroup

EV has been attending TalentPlus playgroup for about a month now, and she has adapted successfully to it. Now in the mornings, she knows exactly what to expect when we change her and give her her red school bag and water bottle. Then she would wait patiently while her shoes are being worn. The moment the gate is open, she will walk out, saying bye to everyone at home. 

EV checking if she has everything she needs
When we reach the playgroup, and if we're early, my little 'beauty queen' will sometimes make her rounds and wave hi or shake hands with her little friends. Once the teachers open the door, she'll line up to have her daily HFMD check, before waving goodbye and zooming in to the play mat which is already filled with toys. After the session, she still leaves the playgroup with a smile on her face, though extremely eager to see us as our presence means she can go home, eat lunch and sleep!

It's really comforting to see her looking forward to attending playgroup every day. And as parents, we can see that the playgroup does follow a rough curriculum. On Mondays, they learn Chinese; on Tuesdays, it's Mathematics; on Wednesdays, it's alphabet time; on Thursdays, the kids learn parts of the body and on Fridays, it's art & craft. Almost everyday, EV will bring home some work eg pasting C letters and colouring a cat, or bumble bee finger printing, which I then display in her room. She has a great memory. She can still go to her art work and point out knowingly what she had done a few days after. I have a clear file that I've specially prepared, so after each week, I would put the work that she did at this playgroup in. I think it's a good way of showing her what she has done, and also show her how proud we are of her achievements.

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