Monday, February 13, 2012

Books: Mummy, Mummy, What's In Your Tummy?

By Sarah Simpson-Enock and Linzi West

When I saw this book at the National Library, I knew straight away that I had to borrow it. Since about five months ago, when she first noticed my growing tummy, we have been talking to EV about the little brother that she'll be having. When I say 'where's didi?', she will straight away point to my tummy. Or sometimes, she will give my tummy a little hug or kiss. She seems to know what it is, but of course, we won't really know how she will react when the little brother comes out (which is anytime now). So I thought this book will be helpful to reinforce what we've been trying to prepare her for. 

What I like about this book are its big fonts, colourful pictures and simple text, like 'a big, yellow sun' or 'a man on the moon'. I also like the flaps, which 'reveal' what could possibly be in mummy's tummy, as the story gives suggestions. At the end, it reveals the 'mystery', with the text 'our new baby' and a picture of mummy carrying a little baby. This is great as it helps EV visualise what would happen when her little brother arrives.

In fact, this has become one of EV's favourite books. It's a great book to prepare an older child for a new baby.

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