Friday, February 10, 2012

Books: The Apple Doll

By Elisa Kleven

This is another good book to read during the 'A' week. It is all about apples, and tells a tale about a young girl Lizzy who creates an apple doll Susanna as her imaginary friend. It explores her apprehensions about going to school for the first time, and reveals her feelings when her teacher doesn't seem amused by her apple doll, and her new friends make fun of her for not playing with a real doll. Thoughtful Lizzy tries to make Susanna feel less lonely at home when she's in school, but we find out that Lizzy herself is actually very lonely. When Susanna starts looking less than fresh, Lizzy's mummy helps her dry Susanna to make a dried apple doll, complete with clothes and hair. And when Lizzy brings the new Susanna to school, her friends are excited to see such a unique doll, and even her teacher asks her to teach everyone how to do it. In this way, Lizzy overcomes her loneliness, thanks to a little apple doll.

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