Friday, July 06, 2012

10 things I discovered about myself after motherhood {Guest post at Mum in the Making}

I have always loved kids and in my younger days, I had even wanted to be a mother by the age of 25. But as fate would have it, that did not happen till ten years lager. Would I have been prepared for the trials and tribulations of being a mother at 25? I do not know. But I do know that motherhood has changed me in ways I could only imagine, changes that both delight me and have me wishing for the good old days of single hood. There are just so many things that I have discovered about myself that still surprises me to this day. Here is my top ten list.

1. My time is no longer my time, and me-time, even ten minutes in the bathroom, is a privilege. All of my time now belongs to the kids, husband, parents, parents-in-law and everyone else.

2. I have always taken pride in my high tolerance level. Nothing could rock my calm demeanor, until the kids came. Being able to keep calm and tolerate an endlessly screaming child takes nerves of steel. I am glad my nerves have become stronger than steel.

3. Motherhood has given me the transformation skills of a chameleon. I can be grumpy one minute, but break into a megawatt smile the moment I see my kids. I simply cannot resist toothy, and toothless, grins.

4. Yes, I am truly better skilled than a chameleon. My moods change even faster than it can change colour. One second I'm mad with my kids and the next, I'm calm as a dove, speaking to them in a soothing tone, so they will calm down.

5. I may be lying in bed desperately wishing for a wink. The moment my kids call for me, I am off the bed in an instant, miraculously filled with endless energy.

6. Motherhood has brought out the inner child in me. I pretend play by climbing a balloon tree, or transform into a butterfly by wrapping a towel around me. My imagination is being stretched beyond imagination.

7. I love books. Suspense, thriller, mystery, adventure books are what I like, but give me any book, and I will devour it. These days, I'm only devouring children's books, dramatising the stories within on the stage that is the bedroom.

8. I never had a thing for art and crafts. My best drawing: stick men. My kids brought out the hidden artist in me. To them, mummy's art and crafts are always the best. Always creative. Even if it is just made out of recycled toilet paper roll and egg cartons.

9. I have been stretched, my boobs have been mutilated, and still is being mutilated. Yet, I don't mind. I really don't. I enjoy it. It is my special bond that I share with my kids, something that is just between us, something that no one else has. I never knew this could be such a extraordinary feeling.

10. I knew a mother is devoted to her kids, but till I became one, I never realised just how devoted I could be. My world more than revolves around them.

So there. The ten discoveries I made of myself after being a mother. Would I have it any other way? No. Definitely not. I'm a mother. I may roar, but I'm full of love. Unconditional love.

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