Monday, July 09, 2012

Memories you will never forget

Do you have any memories that you never forget? I mean those that family, friends will never make you forget. Those that will always make an appearance at family gatherings, especially with family you see once in a blue moon. Yes, that kind of memories, when you become the entertainment of the night, and you think 'not again'.

I know all too well what that is like. No, they are not unpleasant memories. Just that, they get repeated so much, I really really wish somehow, those memories will find its way into a great big abyss and disappear into the oblivion, and stay there forever. In my dreams. I'm sure at the next gathering, I will go 'not again' when any of these memories get teasingly 'discussed'.

1. How, when I was just a toddler, I was already a Hong Kong drama fan, and loved a particular drama theme song. Sitting in a bath basin, my uncles and aunty, who were in their teens then, would try to block my view and I would move from side to side just to look at the TV. What did they think I was? A pendulum?

2. How, when I was just a few months old and living in Hong Kong, when I was left with my uncles and aunty while my parents went out, I cried so hard they could not handle me. Their brilliant solution? Bath me every time I cried just so I will keep quiet. Apparently, I used quite a bit of water that night. Maybe that is why I like swimming so much. I have been a water baby since young.

3. How I fell three times and injured the same spot on the forehead each time. I needed stitches each time, and of course, freaked my parents out. The joke will always be when my mum sent me for a brain scan the third time I fell. It was also the last.

4. How I went to the toilet in the middle of the night and with my long hair, scared the freak out of m brother because I looked like Sadako.

5. How I cooked the worst spaghetti by adding shredded carrots which made the dish very mushy. Hey, cooking is about experimenting right? I can cook quite a yummy Chinese meal. Just ask the hubby.

Oh yes, I'm sure at every family gathering, everyone, especially my dear siblings, will bring up something from my past for everyone to have a little laugh... again. Memories they make sure I will never forget, and I'm sure, I never want to. 

What memories do your family never let you forget?

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