Thursday, July 12, 2012

Books: H, I & J Books

Here are my book recommendations to go with the letters H, I and J.

We read three very fun books. Hiccupotamus is a rhyming tale about a hippo who goes around looking for a cure for his hiccups. Hidden Hippo brings the reader on a journey through the jungle, in a search for the elusive hippo.  

One Hungry Monster is about a boy who encounters ten hungry monsters who gnaw at everything in their sight. Its rhymes are simple and easy to read, with a little twist at the end where the boy himself eats an apple muffin that he had kept hidden from the monsters.

We got two non-fiction books about igloos and the ice age.

Letter J is so much fun. A total of three books again, that gave us an artsy art experience and took us on a jungle trek.

The Best Jumper is a heartwarming tale about a mouse's favourite jumper, which his grandmother knitted for him. He could go nowhere with it, even when he outgrew it. Finally, grandmother made him a new jumper, and turned his old jumper into a rabbit. It shares with the littles ones that it is alright to grow attached to a particular thing, be it a jumper, or even a boaster.

The Jellybeans and the Big Art Adventure brings the young ones on an art adventure along with Bitsy and her best friends. In this tale, talented Bitsy has to paint a white wall with her creation and she enlists the help of her friends, who each paint a part of the wall with their own painting. When it is Bitsy's turn to paint, she finds it hard to create a painting that brings together everyone's creations. She finally does it, showing that with a little bit of help and thought, a difficult task can be easily overcome.

The Jungle Run, a colourful adventure through the jungle. The animals are having a race, including little Cub, whom the other animals feel is too small to race. Under the Vine Rope Net, on the Creeper Rope Swing, and down the water slide they go in this rhyming tale. Little Cub gets the last laugh, as she beats them all.

Happy reading!

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  1. been looking for different kinds of tale books but don't have any idea what would be the best, thanks for sharing anyway, it helps me a lot.


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