Tuesday, July 10, 2012

J for Jelly & Jam

We had a lot of fun doing 'J' this week, with lots of sensory play, crafts and painting. Oh, and yummy food too! After all, J is for jelly and jam. 

Besides jam sandwiches, we had waffle and jam too. We added two dollops of strawberry jam to a Belgian waffle. Doesn't this look like Mickey Mouse.

We also made some jelly, after which we shared with everyone in the family. EV had great fun serving all.

I'm happy to share that, EV started 'spelling' out certain words while pointing to the letters. She is definitely remembering her alphabets.

Since she spelt out 'jellyfish', we made a simple craft using a paper plate and strips of coloured paper.

EV did jelly cup painting, and painted a couple of hand paint jellyfish.

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