Monday, July 30, 2012

While the hubby's away

I need motivation.

I need to hold the family fort for at least the next six weeks.

The hubby, DaddyS, is heading over to the United Kingdom for a working stint, for a minimum of six weeks, with a possibility of it being extended to two, even three months.

It was a bittersweet feeling as I watched him pack over the weekend. While I know this is a good career opportunity, I did not relish in the fact that he was going to be away for a long time. Thinking back, this would be the longest period we will be apart as a couple, definitely as parents. It is a sudden trip, and DaddyS had just a few days to prepare. We are lucky that we have our own parents and helper whom we can mobilise quickly to help out. But really, despite the ready help, it is not the same without him. I will miss him, the kids will miss him. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime, at least we can communicate digitally.

Looking at the time, DaddyS should be sitting in the plane now, waiting for take off. I wish him a safe trip, and to come back safely to us. We all miss him terribly.

In the meantime, I will be mummy and daddy to our kids during this period. It will probably zap more of my energy, but I believe I can do it. Ganbatte!

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  1. Oh my, that's not going to be easy for you! Big big hugs, you hang in there and take it one day at a time... Jia you!!!

  2. Hugs, Winnie, I'm glad to hear you have such a supportive family who's ready to jump in and help! I trust that all will go smoothly for you guys, even when daddy's away...Yes jiayou!

  3. Let me try to comment again =)

    Hang in there! When you feel over whelmed perhaps you can ask ur parents to look after the kids for an hour or so while you take a breather n gain your sanity back? Jia You! We are here for u if u need to let off some steam kekeke~

  4. I'm sure you be able to cope with the additional hands around. You will be just fine :P

    My hb travels very regularly and is out of country easily 1/2 a year so I understand how you are currently feeling.

  5. Not going to be easy for sure, but thank God for your supportive family who will be able to lend a helping hand. Hang in there, give yourself some me-time sometimes to gain some sanity, and catch the naps in between when the little ones sleep.


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