Sunday, July 01, 2012

Adventures: Animal Resort

Last weekend, we visited the Animal Resort for a short family outing on the less trodden path. C and I had been there before we were married. This time, several years later, we were back again with our two kids, the kids' grandparents, grand uncle and aunt.

EV had a good time looking at the animals, while being guided (read: entertained) by her favourite, and only aunt.. AA, being just 4 months old, was comfortable in grandmum's arms.

We also went into the training grounds of the German Shepherd Dog Club. This brought back memories of our two family German Shepherd dogs, and how Dad used to train them to attain the highest honour for dogs - Companion Dogs. Then Dad went on to train other dogs, before finally becoming a judge at those doggie shows. At the grounds that day, we saw one of Dad's old doggie friends. They still meet to talk about the old days.

Our two dogs passed on many years ago, and since then, I have not touched a German Shepherd dog. So you can imagine my joy when I patted and ran my fingers through the fur of Amber. Oh.. I so miss the feeling. And to add to that joy, EV was making friends with Amber too! Such a sweet sight!

Dinner followed, at one of our favourite restaurants called Lee Kui at Chinatown. An enjoyable and fulfilling Sunday with the family.

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