Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yummy afternoon tea at Hyatt

All about food, food and more food that EV feasts her teeth in, or eyes on. Whether it is home cooked, or delectable dishes we come across during our adventures, this space will chronicle all our foodie feasts.

To kick off this awesomely tasty space. Two days ago, we had a yummy and posh afternoon tea at Grand Hyatt, at this really cosy space called 10 Scotts, to celebrate my mum's birthday, courtesy of my aunt. The afternoon tea lasts for five hours, from 12 noon to 5pm, so we were comfortably sitted on the plush sofa by 1230pm. The food items served were more like finger food, but we could order as many seconds as we could eat. There was also a buffet spread of cheese, cold cuts, light mains such as soup and bryani, and desserts. It was the same with the coffee, tea, orange juice and carrot juice. I always love places with a wide selection of tea, and 10 Scotts had at least 15 to choose from. They didn't have Mountain Berry (saskatoon berries, which is native to Canada, currants, raisins and blueberries with the flavor of a berry melange), so I ordered Passion de Fleurs (white tea with rose petals). But that was a little too bitter for my taste, so I ordered Camomile with honey... absolutely my favourite, besides good old Earl Grey.

With my two babies kicking a fuss when we arrived, I took some time to settle them. By the time I was ready to eat, the rest of the table had already started feasting, as usual. Everyone agreed that the yummiest items were the crab cake with remoulade sauce, popiah, prawn cocktail and homemade warm scones with raspberry, kaya or cream. For desserts, I loved the strawberry cake, which is also EV's favourite. She also loved the ham and sausage, her once-in-a-while indulgence.

Just outside where we sat, there was a waterfall with a pond of koi fish. EV kept wanting to go out to see the fish. I think she just enjoyed seeing the water fall. AA later joined his older sister in the fun too.

Very tempted to head back there again with the hubs... just the two of us. But he'll probably say... wah.... such a long afternoon tea? Then we can skip dinner. :) 


  1. Looks like a very nice place!!

    You managed to stay 5 hours with both kiddos? Wow! I would've torn my hair out after one hour and I would only have ONE. Haha!

  2. Heh.. no. stayed till about 3pm. Lucky I had my aunt, mum & sis there. They helped look after the kids.


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