Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Five reasons why all mums are supermums

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Are you a mum? Then you are a supermum. Here are five reasons why.

1. Mums are energizer bunnies. Even if mum has to wake up every other hour to feed a baby, she can still bounce through the demands of the day without a nap at all.

2. Mums are rocks of steel. Even when everyone has fallen ill, mums stay strong to hold the fort. Mums are the last to fall.

3. Mums have amazing bionic hearing ability and incredible sixth sense. They can hone in on their crying babies, even when families and friends ask 'was that the baby crying?'.

4. Mums have an everlasting sense of humour and great tolerance. They are always funny, always patient, always calm. Great storytellers too, as they act out each and every character in every single story book. One minute mums are roaring, prowling lions, another minute they are sounding the rap-a-tap-tap like a drum. Mums are great actresses.

5. Mums are the perfect models for devotion and dedication. Whether mums are stay-at-home-mums (SAHMs) who have made sacrifices to stay at home with the kids, work-at-home-mums (WAHMs) who juggle both kids and work/business from home, or full time working mums (FTWMs) who rush back home once the clock strikes six, kids are always on mums' minds.

This is dedicated to all SAHMs, WAHMs and FTWMs.


  1. Mums love unconditionally, too :)

  2. hats off to all supermums out there:-)


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