Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventures: Playing at Art Garden 2012

Last Friday, EV and I went for a little adventure at Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum, together with some SMB mummies and their kids. It was EV's first visit to a museum and art experience, so it was something we both were looking forward to. (Well, the simple fact that she can go 'gai gai' is enough to excite EV.) We tucked into an early dinner at the nearby Food For Thought. I must say, I have heard lots about FFT's pancakes, and really, it is super yummy! Will definitely be returning for more. :)

EV was a sport the whole time, walking through all the exhibits on all four levels. Her favourite were the Let's Dance by Emilie Fouilloux and Reactive Wall by Mojoko & Shang Liang exhibits on the third level (kept wanting to return for more) and the 5QU1D by Ryf display on the fourth level. She thoroughly enjoyed Justin Lee's Dress Me Up display. Of course, my dear colour-crazy girl could not resist the activity room on level two either, where she coloured and stamped to her heart's content. It was a pity that the Echoes-Infinity-The Forest exhibit on the first floor was closed for the night. 

Here's a photo diary of our adventures that night.

Mushrooms & eggs for EV, salad for mummy.

Mixed berries pancakes... yummy!

EV checking out the TV beside the closed Echoes display.

Poking, squashing, squeezing marks on to a clay magnet.

'Please do not touch'? Hey, I'm a toddler. How can I resist touching, pulling.... destroying?

EV in her colouring world, with stamping added to it.

More colouring. This time, on boxes. Hmmm.. this exhibition really likes making toddlers colour.

Dressing up a cake....

... and which shoe fits? EV pursing her lips in deep concentration.

EV was extremely delighted with this colourful light display.

But was not too keen on this, or the paper folding activity.

This is the first time that EV and I went for the Art Garden, so everything is quite new to us. My main gripe is the 'Please do not touch' labels at some of the exhibits. I wonder what the organisers were thinking when they put this up. Kids are naturally curious, and when they are curious, they touch. It helps them learn and experience, and that is the purpose of the Art Garden, isn't it, to let kids experience art at their level.

Still, because it was our first ever visit, we had loads of fun and returned home happily tired. 


  1. Lol. I didn't even notice the "do not touch" signs. eek! it was great meeting you and little EV! :)

  2. Those "Please Do Not Touch" labels do seem quite redundant.. especially at exhibits for children haha. Pity to have missed this outing.. see u at the next SMB outing I hope :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. EV is adorable~! Nice to meet you, hope that our next outing will be less "distracted";).


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