Monday, June 04, 2012

Hunting down kisses & 'I love you's'

Call me an attention seeker, or what you will. But when I need a kiss or hug from the hubby or kids, what I call a pick-me-up antidote for those not-too-good days or those 'what the heck, I just need one' moments, I go and I ask for it.

More accurately, I nicely demand for it. What a push-over, you might think. But with two kids, having busy days is an understatement and very often, the hubby and I just get so caught up with the daily rituals, we forget to take a moment to give each other a peck or hug. If I don't ask for it, one day I might just ask 'Oh where oh where have the kisses and hugs gone? Oh where oh where can they be?' So I I don't ask, I may not get it, and get emotional over why the hubby never peck or hug me. But if I ask, I will definitely get it, and I will definitely feel much much better. 
We are not afraid to display such affection in front of the kids. It has a tremendous positive effect on them. EV always brightens up with a big smile whenever she sees us give each other a peck and she always asks for one from each of us after. We sometimes turn it into a pecking game with her and she is always tickled by it. It never fails to cheer her up and make her forget why she was so grumpy in the first place. Sometimes, she wants us to do it again and again; she loves seeing us kiss.

This morning, I made my demands again to the hubby. I usually start off with 'dear, I have something to tell you.' Always works in creating the suspense and grabbing his undivided attention; never fails. It even gets EV's attention! Then I declared 'I love you'. His features softened and he said the same thing to me, and we hugged. EV gave a great smile seeing us do that. Then I turned to her, saying 'I love you'. She nodded in understanding (as she was drinking her milk), and I could see the knowing look in her eyes. 

I think EV is taking after me in this area. When she needs a hug, she will go and get it. Other times, she will go round repeating 'daddy daddy I love you, mummy mummy I love you.' Truly warms the heart.

So you see, it's not so bad to be an attention seeker after all. EV and AA revel in it. They know they are showered with love and will blossom in it, and I hope they will grow into positive loving adults who are not afraid to show their feelings. This is one of the values we can impart to our kids. 

Now let me get out of the bathroom, my temporary mum cave, and go get some loving from EV!

Have you hunted down your kisses and 'I love you's' today?

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