Monday, June 25, 2012

Appreciating my confidante, soulmate, husband and Daddy to our kids

Here's a letter to C, my confidante, soulmate, husband and Daddy to our kids.

Dear C,

June is an especially special month for us. Rather, a particular date in June, but it's been so very long ago, I can't quite remember exactly which date it is.

Twenty three years ago this month, we met at a campfire held at a girls' school. You were a scout at a boys' school, and I a guide at a girls' school. I'm sure you remember the scene. You with your floppy hair and your mates signing autographs on our song books (which were a must at all campfires). I can still visualise vividly what you signed: 'My name is C. I love all of you'. You even drew a big heart around it. I think I have the song book hidden somewhere in my cupboard at my mum's place.

I'm not sure whether it was your floppy hair that did it (you still have floppy hair, though it is much shorter now, despite your numerous attempts to try a new hairstyle.) or your 'loving' signature. Both are locked in my memory. Yes dear, you left me that much of an impression. Perhaps it was already a sign? ;)

Later, I found out why you and your friends came over. P was keen on my senior A and wanted to give her his number. Instead, he wrote his number on my song book, thinking it was hers. Daring me called P after a few days, and eventually got to know you too. Remember our first meeting? How can I forget? It was at the old National Library, at the stairs. Remember?

Those were the good old days of secondary school life. You and I became fast friends and have been for the longest time. You never expected anything, except for me to be me. You were my 'big brother', always looking out for me. You made hot tea for me when I drank too much at your friend's bbq. You consoled me when I didn't do well for my exams. You hated writing but wrote letters to me when I first went to Perth to study. (Oh yes, the roses that you and the guys gave me at the airport? Well, those were cut short in Perth because no plants with buds are allowed into the country. The rose survived for a few days in a glass cup at the hotel) That's right, those were the days before the Internet and letters were the only way to stay connected to family. I remember you had me smiling and laughing all the way to the boarding house once after collecting your letter from the mail room. You were my confidante, someone I could tell everything to and hide nothing. You still are.

As I spent five years in Perth, we met up less and less, and eventually drifted apart with our own lives and relationships. Then a few years after the millennium, we reconnected again and we were back to where we were before. Perhaps our failed relationships enabled us to be more appreciative of each other, I don't know. We got together, like it was the most natural thing to do, simply because we were so natural with each other and didn't have to pretend, act or be someone else. We got married in February 2009 and are blessed with two adorable kids who are zapping most of our energy these days. Not to mention, our patience and tolerance too. These are tiring and stressful times, and in the near future, perhaps even trying too. Whatever happens, we are in this together, and together, we will find our way.

Thank you dear, for letting me be me for twenty three years, and many more to come.

You are the rock in my life
A pillar of support that never wavers
By my side you stand always
My hand you hold firmly and lovingly
Guiding me whenever my steps seem uncertain
And most of all, my best friend, my lover, my spouse
You let me be me

With love from your dear W

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