Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Weeks of Creative Fun! Recycled train craft

I'm so very excited to be part of this blog hop party hosted by Alicia from An Accidental Homeschooling Mum, where 15 mummy bloggers from the Singapore Mom Bloggers group each create a craft project over 15 days. 

I was never great at art. Nah... I'm best at drawing stick figures. But I think anything can be art, even stick figures. So onward I went to get my creative juices going. I was inspired by my 2 year old daughter's love for train. Yes, my girl loves trains. Not princesses, but trains. She gets super excited at seeing the MRT trains, and you guessed it, Thomas the Train is her fav too! That's not all. Nothing can take my little super gung-ho girl away from painting. I can't even say the word 'painting' at home, otherwise all 'hell' will break loose and she will pester me non-stop to do 'painting, painting, I want to do painting!'. Every time I bring any painting materials out, I have to first calm her down: 'Wait, let mummy prepare everything first ok?'. This second, she'll say 'ok', the next second she's got her slippers on and out she goes to the painting corner at the front porch.

So for this post, EV and I will be combining the two and creating a train using recycled materials. The materials needed - toilet rolls, egg cartons, yarn, thick straw, blue construction paper

First, we painted the toilet rolls and the egg cartons. Her colour of choice? Blue, as usual.

Next, we dipped the yarn into red paint. While we were at it, we did some art work with the yarn too - something new for EV.

Poke two holes on one end of two of the toilet rolls and four holes on opposite ends of the remaining toilet roll. Choose one toilet roll to be the front of the train and make a larger hole the size of the straw on the top of it. Cut the red coloured yarn into short strips. Create a face for the train by cutting a circle out of the blue construction paper. Make sure there are tabs around the circle.

To assemble:
1. Tie the three toilet rolls together with the yarn.
2. Cut the thick straw into a suitable length and insert into the hole to make the smoke stack.
3. Glue the egg cartons to the toilet rolls for the wheels, four wheels to a roll.
4. Finally, glue the face to the front of the train, by gluing the tabs to the inside of the toilet roll.

And viola! A friendly train craft using recycled materials.

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As a working mom, there are never enough hours in a day, so Susan is always doing a juggling act with her family, work, being a nurturing mom, loving wife and career woman which explains why she named her blog A Juggling Mom. Her blog documents her journey and adventures as a mother to a 3-year-old toddler and hopes to share resources on how moms can lead a balanced life and be a happy, healthy and fulfilled mom.

She will be sharing the next craft post on making farm-themed finger puppets with her little daughter who has got ambitions of being a farmer.

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  1. Great job you did there! Loved the idea of using recycled crafts, plus using the straw for the smoke stack!

    1. Heh.. thanks. Just for this, I went to buy bubble tea, and took an extra straw. Hahaha..

  2. Really nice and yes, I love crafts which use recycled materials! EV must have been really excited! She got to paint AND it's a train!!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Love this recycled train idea.

    And guess what Winnie, we've started on our train this morning after reading your post. Bt we can't find egg cartons for the wheels, any suggestions on what eles we can use as a substitute?

    1. Wow.. thanks. It's good to know you liked it.

      For the wheels, you can use recycled card board or styrofoam or even bottle caps. You can also use paper clips to link the rolls, instead of using yarn.

  4. Choo choo! So cute! EV looks like she's having such a good time

  5. Yups.. she was having a good time. She's in a coloring and painting period now. Once she starts, hard to get her to stop. :)


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