Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sakae Sushi @ Parkway Parade

It was our usual supermarket day last Saturday, so we headed to Parkway Parade to have lunch first before doing the chores. Little EV was excited to be daddy & mummy's little helper, as you can see here.

Lunch was at Sakae Sushi, and we discovered that there was a new menu. What I liked about it was that, there is also now a dedicated kids' menu. Items included Chicky (skewered chicken, egg sushi, smelt roe sushi and fries, $8.99), Garden (fried chicken, sausages, octopus ball, omelette, avocado and fries, $8.99), Mini Udon (tempura prawn, egg plant & snow crab stick, udon with fishcake, $9.99) and Junior (egg sushi, smelt sushi, snow crab stick sushi, fries and sausages, $7.99)

It was an easy choice, since EV loves udon. So while waiting for her Mini Udon, EV couldn't hold her hunger any longer and tucked in to some 'adult' food, such as chawamushi and tamago sushi.

EV even tried using chopsticks to pick up the sushi rice. She obviously had fun doing that.

When the Mini Udon came, she gave a loud 'wah', obviously attracted by the fishcake. 

She finished most of the udon herself, while daddy and mummy helped her with the tempura. When asked if she like the udon, she gave an enthusiastic nod.

The dining experience at Sakae Sushi left such an impression on her, that when we were at Parkway a few days later and having afternoon tea at the nearby Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, EV pointed to Sakae Sushi and said 'remember?'. 

A parenting gripe though: I wished the booster seats that Sakae Sushi uses could be secured to the seats or the tables. Currently, the seats are just that - booster seats. They only boost the child up to the level of the table, and does not offer any security at all if the child moves. This means that the child can easily lift herself up, a potential danger.

Other than that, I think Sakae Sushi is a moderate choice for a sushi place. I have definitely eaten better sushi, but since it is the only sushi place at Parkway Parade, it was our only choice. Having said that, I'm glad that they have included a dedicated kids' menu. Beats having to comb through the menu trying to find something suitable for EV.

Sakae Sushi
B1-84B/84C Parkway Parade
Tel: 6348 6218

Opening times:
Mondays to Fridays - 11.30am to 10pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays - 11am to 10pm


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