Monday, April 30, 2012

A fruitful maternity leave

I'm back at work today after three months maternity leave, and I'm missing my little darlings. It's been a fruitful maternity leave so far, with lots of precious quality time with EV and AA. Saying goodbye to them this morning was hard. EV saw me in my work clothes and said 'mummy pretty'. It warmed my heart on a cold rainy morning, and I really didn't want to go. AA seemed to know too, and whimpered a few times before I left. 

No, I did not look forward to returning to work today, but I'm glad and grateful for the wonderful few months I had with them at home. Little AA is two and a half months, and is becoming quite an easygoing baby who loves to hear mummy sing 'Edelweiss'. EV is ever the happy and cheerful little girl we love, often saying or doing things that make us smile. She's my little energizer bunny. And it's sweet to see her wanting to hug AA, and being our baby monitor every time AA cries. 

With AA, I feel more assured and relaxed as I have been through it once with EV. But to say that it's been easy peasy with two young kids, I would be totally lying to myself. It has indeed been a tiring challenge, even stressful at times, but extremely happy. I'm glad to have the support of a great helper, who has been with us before EV was born, and doting grandparents. Without them, I think I'll really be pulling my hair out.

I want to do painting with EV. I want to hold AA and look into his round adorable eyes. I can't wait to get home.

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