Monday, April 09, 2012

E for Egg

We did a short session today, as EV is not feeling well. I did not plan to do anything but she was sitting at our usual spot in the home, and looking at me expectedly. We started with the greeting song. She's familiar with the 'e' feely card by now, and even before I asked what letter it is, she already said 'e'. She likes the 'Elbow Everywhere' phonics song and had her own elbows raised up even before I turned on the music. Very happy to see such positive response from her.

When I took out the A4 image sheet, she wanted to trace the letters Ee first. We had five images today - egg, eight, ear, eagle and elf; she's familiar with the first three. Then we wrote down the words for each image together. We also went through the phonics sounds for each letter of 'egg', with me demonstrating the prompting.

Today's craft is a egg paper collage from Jann's class. Glue, check. Egg cut-out, check. Brown pieces of paper for pasting, check. And my darling EV said she wanted to colour. She helped paste a few of the brown paper, and coloured the rest of the egg, transforming it into a multicolored easter egg craft. As usual, she wanted me to colour with her, and when I seemed distracted halfway, she said 'mummy, colour properly'.

Using coloured pegs and numbers from a wooden toy, I did counting and colour sorting with her. She counted the number of similarly coloured pegs and put the corresponding number to it.

One of EV's favourite nursery rhyme, and one that I've been singing to her for the longest time. We sang it together, with me singing the first part of each line, and she completing it by saying the ending words. 

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