Saturday, April 21, 2012

F for Fish

We move on to letter F/f this week, and it's all about fish! EV loves to eat fish, so it was a rather fun session for her. She was very amused with the feely card and feathers, especially when I tickled her with the feathers, and when the card was done, she 'wrote' f in the air with me. 

She loved the rhythm and pace of the 'Freddy's Five Friends' song. Too bad I couldn't get a good video of her dancing to it. She knew most of the images that we did today, except for flamingo. The rest were fish, flower, fork, four and feet. We traced the letter F/f and wrote the words for each of the images after gluing all the images.

We did a scavenger hunt of all things that start with 'f' in the room today, and I got her to put the letter 'f' next to them each time she found them.. EV found a fish wall decoration sticker, a fan, the floor and feet.

We did two crafts today. The first is a paper plate fish from Enchanted Learning. I cut out a triangle from a paper plate, and stuck it with scotch tape to the rest of the plate to make a tail. EV then painted it with her favourite colour blue. After she was done, she started painting her own hand blue, and we made some handprint fishes too.

The second craft comes from Jann's class. EV coloured the five little fishes with crayons, while I prepared the 'fishing rod' with the magnet. Then I attached paper clips to the fishes. EV had that puzzled look on her face looking at me put the fishing rod together. But once I demonstrated the fishing game to her, her face lit up with one megawatt smile! She enjoyed catching the fishes, and when the blue paper plate fish dried, she was having fun 'fishing' that too.

Shapes & Colours
The shape of the week is circle, and using chips, I got EV to pick out circles of various colours. Here she is with a green circle.

We sang 'Once I Caught A Fish Alive'. EV not only counted with me, but also tried to do the actions.

Story Time
We read Swimmy, by Leo Lionni. Featuring beautiful paint-like illustrations, the story is about a little fish named Swimmy who is black in colour and very very different from his fellow fish. It shares that even though one may be unique and seem like an outcast, there will come a time when that uniqueness becomes a strength and help us overcome difficulties in life. One should not be afraid to be different. 

This book was given the Caldecott Honor in 1964, an award given to worthy runners-up of the Caldecott Medal (which annually recognizes the most distinguished picture books for children published in the United States). Past winners and runners-up include Cinderella, The Polar Express, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.

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